Statement, 2001

I had the great experience to work with Steve Park and Little Lights Urban Ministry in Washington DC, in the summer of 2001.  From this I gained a friendship and brokenness that has led me to support this blessed ministry through the proceeds of some paintings.  Your appreciation of these works will extend out to support the work done in DC to nurture and love many dear children.

I have been painting in oils since around 1995 with only a few evening classes.  My father is a very talented & gifted artist in Asian watercolors.  As I am most interested in the character and stories of people, I focus mostly on figurative works.  I have learned much over the years and owe much to my recent instructors, Skip Cantwell & his wife Linda Lum.  My goal is to stretch further in my works, to open my heart to God’s inspiration, a gentleness in strokes, sincerity in color, and a passion in every story to be interpreted.  Bare with me as I may stray from the norm, the recognizable, and common viewpoint.  I hope to be a tool to produce works that tell more than one story, or any story for that fact, but to inspire you to an emotion or action.

Michael WeiComment