Chrysalis & Synthesis

This is a collection of links and nuggets that inspire and intrigue me.  They nest in my head like a chrysalis, and the creations that eventually spread wings are my synthesis. Follow me down my rabbit trail, if you dare.

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Tim Lowly Links

A fascinating collection of favorite realist and figurative painters, cataloged by artist Tim Lowly.  I have sat for hours and binge-watched so many the artists represented.

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Little Lights Urban Ministries

A passionate, relational community service to students, youth and families of South East D.C.  Their influence and beauty have inspired my works, and encouraged by sharing that with others.  I had the pleasure of working in this ministry many years ago, building dear friendships, and continuously in awe of their positive impact in that community. 

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Bo Bartlett

"Bo Bartlett is an American realist with a modernist vision. His paintings are well within the tradition of American realism as defined by artists such as Thomas Eakins and Andrew Wyeth. Like these artists, Bartlett looks at America’s heart—its land and its people—and describes the beauty he finds in everyday life. His paintings celebrate the underlying epic nature of the commonplace and the personal significance of the extraordinary."

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Antonio Lopez Garcia

Not only was it a joy to explore the Boston Museum of Fine Arts with Tim Lowly and his colleagues after a CIVA conference, but we discovered a newly acquired collection of Antonio Lopez Garcia.  We all admired his work, and it was rarely available in the US before.  We ran from room to room like children on Christmas morning.

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Diane Feissel

I am proud to have befriended and collected artwork from Diane.  When she was in San Francisco, she was very active and creative in her realist and figurative works.  She is now in Philadelphia, showing in Women Painting Women, and other local exhibits.  

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Barry Moser

I had the pleasure of meeting Barry Moser after collecting his book illustrations for years.  He spoke of his grandest project to illustrate the Bible, and the process of woodcut printing.  Each one done by hand, the project took many years to complete.  He spoke of finding his models from his neighbors and local folk from his town.