Notes for Water in Blue (untitled), 2004

I wish to create images that combine multiple elements, which may invite the viewer in to explore the piece further but to leave them changed.  I desire to challenge their thinking and question their beliefs or apathy towards concerns & issues that demand attention.  There is too much suffering & disparity in our “successful” society that may not be easily resolved, but never overlooked.  It may be that the confrontational or darker element may be distorted, exaggerated in scale or value or hue, possibly monochromatic, altered in such a way that it may not be first to be viewed.  The inviting element may be more attractive, attention-getting, bright or sharp. 

The image from the 60’s civil rights movement of a group of African-Americans being violently hosed down is mind-blowing, hard to conceive that it occurred in the US.  The arched back, buckling knees, surrendering & bent neck, with hand guarding one’s face.  It makes the viewer feel violated, the viewer may likely project himself into that victim—feel the stink on one’s back, bear a temporary burden; and then as the viewer’s mind returns him to his safe environment, the disparity in justice and privileges taken for granted. 

Michael WeiComment