Thank you for visiting this site.  I have assembled this site to honor my father's dedication to his craft, to share my journey in purposeful creativity, and to encourage new generations.  This site includes three generations for your exploration.  It is new, and will continue to hone and improve over time.

Francis L.S. is my father, and he continues to paint into his nineties.  I have been painting in oils since my twenties, and hope to enjoy my evolving craft as long as my father.  My daughters are exposed by two generations of painting and exposure to art, and encouraged to express their inner voices, as well.

I would like to reconnect viewers to some classical narratives or iconic references with a new perspective.  Each viewer will respond to works with interpretations from their own perspective.

I hope that an image may resonate with the viewer, but also that others may spark discussion and act as a bridge for us all to understand each other better.