We must not submit to the indignation of congress for their inaction on gun violence.

Far too often we see these in the media as breaking events, only to see inaction by local or federal legislature.  We feel powerless to change, to the NRA and their influence on restrictions or preventative measures.

If the upset of 2016 teaches us anything, it is that change can happen (for better or worse) but we must act and vote with our conscience.  Don't just vote on a single cause, but recognize the reversals and retreats on democracy and protections for all people in America that has occurred. 

2018.  Don't just vote, but research and rely on truthful sources.  Identify who you align with on important causes, and support them.  Spread the word, encourage your peers and partners to be on the pavement, to engage in conversation with all perspectives in a friendly way, but to move them to vote.

I'm proud to have participated with my family.  #NeverAgain.


Michael WeiComment